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About Khosa Hockey


Why Khosa Hockey?

If you’re looking to play field hockey in the West Rand, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Based in Krugersdorp, we’re the biggest and most successful hockey club in the West Rand. With more than one hundred active members, both girls and boys, we cover all age groups and skills levels. Our players come from all over the West Rand, and we also host and sponsor some of the less fortunate community. With 40 years of existence, the club has been organizing and entering teams in the Greater Gauteng Regional Field Hockey League for decades, with a long history of success. 


Our aim is for players to develop on their own under the guidance of our passionate coaches who are always willing, able and committed to witness the individual players grow in their personal capacity as well as their Hockey playing skills capacity.


Its the pleasure of the game at the younger ages with the more competitive demand challenging the older age groups. All our practices take place on ASTRO surfaces to keep abreast with modern day hockey demands.



We are not solely about the game of hockey.


We attempt to take players away on a Mini Hockey Tour each year, which has been a tradition since the days when mini hockey used to have a National Festival at various venues around the country, where teams from every part of South Africa met and played against each other to form the festival. We have numerous FUN day events planned as part of our hockey calendar which adds the difference to the players attitude, perception and interest.



We finish our season off with a spectacular Prize Giving event where the fruits of the efforts are all rewarded making the graduating players leave mini hockey with fond and life lasting memories. Many of our leaving players come back to further assist in coaching once they have left simply to give back some of what they experienced whilst at mini hockey.